August 13, 2009

It would seem like there was another ‘naughty little Johnny’ in this supposeddly peaceful neighbourhood. Somebody had written ‘Nf3’ just below the house number. Johnny stopped surprised. Was this some kind of joke? If it was, it was really funny. If it wasn’t, someone might get into some real mess. He had jokingly written ‘e5’ yesterday thinking he was just punning the house number – e4…e5 eh. But whether it was for real or not, he couldn’t wait to find out. He walked closer to the house, then hesitated a little. ‘Someone might get into trouble for this’ he thought to himself..

to be continued



August 12, 2009

“Now Johnny, go to the cyber cafe and print out my e-mails”

“Promise me you’ll be a good boy and not make trouble on the way.”

“I promise”

“Don’t talk to strangers”

“I won’t” Johnny replied as he went out of the hoouse.

“And be back on time” his mother had shouted out after him.

“I will” he shouted back.

Routine checks. Johnny didn’t quite like them. But with naughty little Johnny, one can never be too careful.

Johnny again passed by house e4 – the house where he had written ‘e5’ next to the house number. Something interesting had happened.


August 10, 2009

The Littletons had just moved to the area. It was well developed, peaceful, and beautiful. There were 20 closes in the area labelled A-T and 20 houses in each close labelled 1-20 that’s 400. The Littletons really loved their new neighbourhood. But little Johnny…naughty, little Johnny. It did seem like nothing could curb this disaster of a kid. Though he’d grown a bit more gentle, he couldn’t get rid of it all. The day before, Mrs Littleton had sent Johnny on an errand. He had noticed a house – house e4. He walked up to the house  and chalked ‘e5’ next to the house number.



to be continued